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Clinically effective formulas for OTC products

Pharmacists recommend over-the-counter products that get results.

Consumers trust pharmacists’ recommendations. Stores carry products customers want. This is why starting your product journey with a clinically effective formula that gets results is the key to successfully launching the next big OTC product.

We have expertise in every part of the body

Our team of scientists, pharmacists, and clinicians have worked with compounding pharmacists to help meet patient needs that aren’t met with common prescription medication. This experience gives us a unique line of sight into market gaps in patient treatment, and allows us to develop formulas to bridge these gaps.

We have developed products used in dermatology, pain management, scar therapy, men’s and women’s health, and more. From head to toe and any part in between, we can develop a formula to solve almost any unmet need.

We’re more than Formulators

While developing formulas for innovative products is what we’re known for, we’re not a formula factory. We work with each client individually to develop products that extend your existing product lines, add new and innovative solutions, and improve your existing products.

We work with


who need products and ideas

Contract Manufacturing Organization

that need to extend their formulation capabilities

Private Equity and Startups

that want to break into the market with innovative solutions

We make products that work and that work for you.

Do you need an innovative formula for your product idea?

Have ideas but need to work through them to solidify next steps?