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Innovating, formulating, and developing new products for companies in the OTC pharmaceutical and beauty industries.

Stop imagining what’s possible and start creating it

Everyone deserves access to quality OTC and beauty products that deliver results and make your customers feel their best. Unlike contract manufacturing organizations that develop and manufacture products, we’re a team of clinical scientists and PhDs with a unique line of sight into the unmet needs of patients. This gives us the ability to develop innovative products that can solve problems no one else has solved.

A solution for every problem

Our team has expertise in every part of the body–from head to toe, and we can help you discover and develop industry-leading, innovative products that will solve almost any problem your customers have. We help you:

Develop New Products

Do you have an existing idea or general direction you need help with? Our team has developed more than 10,000 formulas so far and we’re ready to develop one or more for you.

Discover New Ideas

Are you are looking to extend an existing line or break into a new market, but don’t know where to start? Our team helps uncover new ideas through our ideation sessions.

Ready to get started? So are we.

Getting the next big thing to market is easier than you might think.


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Think Bigger

Together, we will determine the best product options for your brand


Change Lives

Go to market with something that people will love using

If you’re not sure where to start, we can help you get there

We take your brand or existing product line to the next level with ideation sessions that uncover new product ideas, line extensions, and ways to improve existing products.