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Cosmetically elegant products for the beauty industry

The Intersection of Science and Beauty

Because your formula is developed and tested by a team of PhD scientists and clinicians, the end result is a product, based on science, and can be formulated with a variety of quality materials. This blend of science and a passion for creating elegant products results in ones that aren’t greasy, grainy, or unappealing to the touch.

When you manufacture a product with a formula we develop, your customers will experience products that are elegant and luxurious to the touch. We also help you come up with ideas for innovative products that don’t exist or improve on competitive products that fall short.

We develop formulas for:

  • Cosmetics
  • Lotions and Moisturizers
  • Serums and Cleansers
  • Skincare
  • And more…

The global beauty industry is worth $511 Billion

The beauty industry is rapidly growing with plenty of room for new products and categories that disrupt the market. Consumers want products that make them feel their best, and they also want products they feel good about using. Whether it’s products made from sustainably sourced material or that contain products like CBD, today’s buyers are more tuned into how the products they use are made.

We help turn current buying behaviors into products that sell in today’s market.

Do you need an innovative formula for your product idea?

Have ideas but need to work through them to solidify next steps?